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Safe is the ONLY way - safety is the single most important thing that we do - Our goal at Thompson Electrical Constructors is for all to return home safely every night.

Safety is at the core of our company's culture. Each Thompson Electrical Constructors employee is empowered and trained to take action to ensure that accidents do not happen. We have developed a detailed Accident Prevention Program with the goal of creating a safe and healthy work environment that promotes safe productivity and is proactive in anticipating and avoiding risk. We update our safety program continuously with lessons learned from the field. This experience serves as the basis for creation of site-specific plans tailored for the unique requirements and high-risk task associated with each project. 

Thompson Electrical Constructors will ensure that your electrical project is not only done right but done safe.

Covid 19

Thompson Electrical Constructors is following guidance to insure that our employees and customers are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have added COVID-19 to our hazard analysis for job site safety. Our electricians are trained in working in sensitive locations such as hospitals and the extra safety measures required to work safely.



Thompson Elctrical Safety Construction
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